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Friday, May 8, 2009

now that things have settled down. . .

A quick post.. just to alert everyone that i'm having a $2 shipping sale this week! ...and yes, i'm sorry, this week is almost over, but i may be extending it over the weekend at least so come snag something for discounted shipping! I have lots of new items and more coming soon ^.^

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've said it before... but i'll say it again...

Where do i get MY Favorite Pumpkin Soap? ? ?
from Michele's Essentials at Etsy!!!

That's right... she's my one stop shop for Soap, Facial products and even Laundry Soap!!!

Micheles Essentials
(click here to view her shop at Etsy)

Check out her shop! I promise you'll find something you like and you won't be disappointed!!! Everything is All natural and made of the highest quality ingredients!!! PERFECT for sensitive skin, young skin, aging skin... dry skin.. oily skin... seriously... she's got something for EVERYBODY!

and ya GOTTA try the Pucker Protectors.. they're all scrumptious ^.^

+ Eternal Autumn™ +

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the busy-ness of me

i was quite literally not prepared for the ONSLAUGHT of the contest and aftermath of orders flooding in!!!

i do apologize that i haven't updated! not even about the contest winners or ANYTHING >.<

i AM fail at the blog.

but i AM keeping up with everything else so i figure if the blog is neglected its worth it!

16 custom orders and counting just in the last week! *WoOt*

so... i'm sure things will slow down again, as they always do, and i will update on a more regular basis!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

its been...

well... not that long..

but still ~ just wanted to update!

entries have been trickling in for the contest, i want MORE competition people!!!

1 week left before Voting starts! ^.^

Friday, March 27, 2009

If you're a Mommie...

then you simply MUST check this out ~

AMAZING Giveaway.. Pertinent Product Reviews.. and MORE!! so.. check it out when you have a moment and enter to win something!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

YOU Want THIS Stuff....


Hopefully, i'll be listing more participating artisans and crafters as the Contest comes along but here are a few for your to check out NOW! I'm pulling some strings with some old friends on this one to bring you the best in handmade goodies!!!

These are some of my personal favs, so trust me, this is going to be the BEST Prize Pack EVER!!!

~ Lisa's Hill Side Bakery ~

Fudge and Candy thats BEYOND yummy..
I've been a loyal customer for a loooong time now and words cannot describe the scrumptiousness that this lady creates and you can TRY SOME FOR FREEEEEE if you win this Contest!!!!

~ Klean Kitty ~

Soap is BEST Served Chocolate!
{ It melts in your bath.. Not in your Mouth! }
This soap has been included in Gift Baskets for the likes of Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie! NO JOKE!!!

~ MoonStruck Magic Bath & Body ~

Products for your Mind, Body & Spirit
Hand milled Soaps and Sumptuous Lotions in a variety of ALL NATURAL Scents!
A Metaphysical Spiritualist and fellow Work-At-Home Mommie ~ i cannot LIVE without her Lip Balm!!!

~ Eclectic Diana ~

An Eclectic Collection of things to soothe, soften and delight!
Her teas are perfection, her body oils are amazing! For sure anything you try from her shop WILL delight you!

So.. get those Entries in ASAP and tell all your friends to Add + Eternal Autumn™ + MySpace!!!

+ Eternal Autumn™ +


The much talked-about, much-discussed Contest will go along as follows:

I'm keeping it REALLY Simple and Fun, so EVERYONE can enter and EVERYONE CAN VOTE!!!

To Enter:

Write "I ♥ Eternal Autumn" SOMEWHERE on your person or on an object and take a picture!
In other words, create a "Fan Sign"! Show me some LOVE people!!!

This photo will be put in an album here on Myspace, and on the said below date, VOTING WILL START!!

Make it funny, make it gory, make it sexy, make it silly... You wanna do a Stupid Human Trick in the pic?! DO EEET!!! Whatever you think will get the MOST attention, DO EEET!!! BE CREATIVE!!!

The photo that receives the MOST Votes WINS an
EXCLUSIVE + Eternal Autumn™ + Surprise Gift Bag
with up to $50 in assorted Handmade Jewelry, Accessories, Bath & Body products
or any variety of other special goodies!
ALL ITEMS INCLUDED Will be from Sellers on ETSY, not ALL necessarily MADE BY ME!
So you'll be getting a FABulous assortment of fun and fanciful novelties to enjoy!

And Trust me.. You WILL Enjoy them!!!

I will cater this gift to fit the person that wins as best i can! ^.


Taking Entries Starting NOW until April 6th!


- VOTING WILL CLOSE April 14th -
Contest Winner will be determined, posted and contacted on April 15th!


Once Voting has begun, you're welcome to Vote on as many photos as you like, but only once per photo.

Keep it CLEAN.. if only for MySpace's sake.. i don't want the submissions being deleted or my ACCOUNT being deleted b/c of a nipple.. so cover it up, luvs ^.

~ Last, But Not Least ~
Absolutely Positively NO Nasty Comments on ANY of the photos submitted.

I haven't had a problem with this but i want to make it clear i will NOT take any "meanness" from ANYONE. You will be deleted from my friends list IMMEDIATELY if you make a public derogatory comment about ANY of the Contest Entries.

I want this to be FUN, People!! So.. the MORE the Merrier! ^.

A Few Past Winner of + Eternal Autumn™ + Contest Prizes are shown below:

Damsel in Decease ~ WINNER of the Graphics Contest ~ in her Custom Necklace Prize!!!
~ Damsel in Decease, Sheila D.
Tillery ~
Winner of the Graphics Contest in her FREE *CUSTOM* NECKLACE!

retired necklace design
~ Mekare ~
Winner of a Deadly Creations Theme Contest in her FREE NECKLACE!

shes done it again!!!! with GREEN power ^.*
~ Rachael Sin ~
Winner of a Deadly Creations Theme Contest in her FREE NECKLACE!

So... Add yourself to this growing list of WINNERS!!! ENTER TODAY!!!!!

+ Eternal Autumn™ + for DeStash Supplies!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whats BEST for those monthly woes?

An + Eternal Autumn™ + Aromatherapy flaxseed pillow.. warmed up, of course.. and French Organic Chocolate Truffles.

I swear, its a cure all. I can't even tell you how much BETTER i feel ^.^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Check my Etsy Shop for some UNBELIEVEABLE Deals in honor of my Birthday today!!! they'll last thru Friday ~ but thats it!!!

+ Eternal Autumn™ +

Mostly New Items!!! All my personal FAVS!!! ^.^

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ganesha is AVAILABLE!!!!

The much-talked-about and promised Ganesha Cameo necklaces are AVAILABLE NOW in my Etsy Shop!!! I've already sold 2 ~ so there are ONLY 3 more available!!!

...b/c i had to keep one for myself ^.*

Please follow This Link to purchase and read more about these lovely necklaces:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Custom Necklace for the WINNER of the Graphics Contest

This necklace was created especially for Sheila D. Tillery aka Damsel In Decease ~ a fabulous Graphic Designer and Artist! She created the following Image for my FANart Graphics Contest:

Check her out by clicking her Winning Design!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


~ a notice to buyers AND SELLERS of handmade goods ~

i've noticed a disturbing trend when browsing about on Etsy lately...

There are a LOT of ppl under pricing handmade goods

this is disturbing for a plethora of reasons but a couple of the MOST IMPORTANT, that EVERYONE should be aware of, are the following:

~ 1 ~ when you pay nothing for something... you're likely to end up with nothing ~ everyone likes a good bargain but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!!

exceptions: PIF items or SALE items ~ i myself like to have a really good sale every now and again but when EVERYTHING is being sold for UBER CHEAP you should be wary of the quality.

~ 2 ~ when you under price your own hard work, you cheat not only yourself but your customer ~ they may end up saving a few sheckles but they may not realize the VALUE of YOUR WORK in the future. not to mention other artists trying to make a living.

in short ~ you make us ALL look bad when you under price your wares. the handcrafted community is not about being CHEAP.. its about quality and conscience.. if ppl want Wal-Mart prices ~ let them G O. T O. W A L - M A R T. by golly!!!!!

I've learned these things through experience ~ its no joke trying to run your own business and it undermines not only me but my fellow entrepreneurs to knowingly do these things.

If you're unsure about how to price your work, worried about your quality, or you're just new to this whole making and selling thing... most of us that have been doing it for a while are MORE THAN HAPPY to lend a helping hand.

This shouldn't be a competition so much as a community, working together to bring our consumers better products for their money and creating by hand to reduce the wear and tear on our planet.

Pass it along.

+ Eternal Autumn™ +

Friday, March 6, 2009

March 11th my 1 year Etsyversary!!!

Meaning ~ i've had my shop on Etsy for exactly ONE YEAR on March 11th!!!

in that year, a lot of things have changed... my jewelry making and selling style has evolved, my inventory has blossomed, I've learned a lot and had a WONDERFUL time doing it!

I hope in the next year that my little Business continues to become ever more successful ^.^

As a matter of fact, things have been going so well that I've been considering making this official and getting a business license... how exciting is that?!

~ So... in celebration of my 1 Year Etsyversary ~

Every Day (starting Tomorrow) I will feature a ONE OF A KIND (OOAK) item from my shop at a HUGE Discount! Each item will only be available at the featured price for ONE DAY for 5 days leading up to the BIG day ~ a countdown, if you will ^.*

Help me mark this exciting time and snag a Fabulous Lovely in the process!

+ Eternal Autumn™ +

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lara gets a Tattoo. . .

so... my friend Samantha gave me a tattoo night before last.

Nothing big or shocking, just a cute little peace sign on the knuckle of my left thumb. its my first so i wanted to see if i could handle it, something small, ya know?

i'm thinking i may have some fall leaves added... maybe in a swirling pattern up and around my wrist or something pretty like that.......

It didn't hurt too bad, i used to carve a peace sign into the same spot with a safety pin back in high school (i know i know, stupid me!) so i couldn't really complain. i always said i wanted to get a peace sign tattooed there, now i finally have!

however, i did run to the bathroom and puke as soon as she was finished. LoLz don't ask me why, i couldn't tell you!

Its still a little red, its fresh after all ^.* but here tis ~

oh! and i ordered tiny little antiqued pewter Om charms today to accent the Ganesha cameos!! these necklaces are going to be so awesome.. i hope they sell well! i'll have 6 of 'em!! ^.^

My Beautiful Capelet

I received the loveliest, coziest, comfiest capelet... it was waiting for me when we returned from Asheville, Tuesday.

I traded for this beautiful piece with

Isn't it lovely?! I'm thrilled!!!

I'm going to attach a button myself (hence the button loop with no button at the neckline) i asked her to leave it off b/c i have a specific button in mind for it... so i'll post new pix when i get that done!

in the meantime, you simply MUST check out her Etsy shop! she's fairly new, doesn't have many sales... but she's a true professional and VERY talented!!

oh! and she included the yummiest teas in my package too! a free gift with a trade ~ could it get any better?!?! ^.^

Monday, March 2, 2009


yep.. we're stuck.. in Asheville (cuz you know thats a TURRIBLE place to be stuck in LoLz) b/c of the snow...

lots of pix to come ~ soon as we get home, that is.

*tee hee* it snowed.


Thursday, February 26, 2009


So... i haven't described my packaging or explained the reasoning behind it in quite some time so i figured i would go ahead and do that now ~ just cuz ^.*

Each item of jewelry ordered is secured inside a small plastic baggie, resealable of course ~ and depending on the necessity, i'll use a folded business card to display necklaces and earrings.

Then, your new lovely is placed carefully in a coordinating organza pouch ~ i have two pouch sizes available depending on the size of your order and a variety of Autumn-inspired colors to choose from. The staple, of course, is black... but i also have burgundy, copper brown, willow green, pale gold and dark purple. Depending on the colors used in your jewelry, i select a pouch that best suits the order ^.^

I include a free sample of Pumpkin Pie sachet beads from to use with your organza pouch after you've removed your new jewelry... this way the pouch has a use and you have a lovely scented sachet to use in your car, home or office!

Included with your order, also, is one of a variety of useful promotional items, such as a pin-back button, magnet or wallet calendar ~ all with my etsy address and a fall theme! Depending on the size of the order, i may include more than 1 of these items as free gifts!

Of course, each order also includes a small "Thank You" note card ~ handmade by me ~ with a personal message inside!

~ ~ ~

Now, for the Aromatherapy Flaxseed Pillows that i make, the packaging is very similar...

Each pillow is wrapped in a thin satin ribbon, secured with a bow and tagged with an information/instruction card for the pillow itself. I also tuck a business card in there ^.* The pillow is then placed inside a resealable cello bag and slipped inside a large organza pouch. These can be used to store your pillow in, to keep it from getting dirty between uses.

But of course, each pillow is made with a removable slipcover so in the even that it DOES get dirty, you can remove this cover and wash it ^.*

Aromatherapy Pillows do not include the Pumpkin Pie sachets ~ as they are scented with natural herbs and it would be overkill to include another scent with the package. Promo Items are still included with each order though!

~ ~ ~

All orders are sent using Priority Mail flat rate boxes, unless listing states otherwise or the customer has requested First Class mailing.

+ Why Priority Mail? +

1. I save shipping costs by using the free boxes provided by USPS ~ so i can put more effort into the inner packaging! Not to mention the boxes are much more protective of the items inside than a padded envelope!

2. Items almost always arrive within 2 days of shipment.. sometimes next day!

3. Flat rate means you can put more in a box without fear of upping the cost of shipping ~ this encourages customers to purchase more than 1 item at a time!

So... thats how we do things here at + Eternal Autumn™ + !

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

to Ganesh... or not to Ganesh...

ok so i'm kinda fond of Hindu and Buddhist-inspired stuff.... especially symbolism and jewelry...

so, what does this have to do with anything?

well, i found these really REALLY cute Ganesha cameos. and they're calling to me.

and i thought that a necklace made with one, with a small Om charm to accent the cameo would be awesomeness..

but of course, making something like this would be somewhat risky as to whether or not it would sell and i can't really afford to waste any moolah these days...

so help me decide.. please?!! should i go for it? do you think there would be enough people on etsy that would be interested in such an item to make it worth my while to buy the supplies to make at least 2???

any feedback will be most appreciated ^.^

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Expect to See More on This Soon ~ ~ ~

Click Photo for More Info

A few years back I attended a reception to honor the publishing of a book at the University of South Carolina. I was recently reminded of this and decided I'd like to become more involved... beginning with posting this blog, and a corresponding bulletin @ to raise awareness. I'm considering putting together some sort of fund raiser as well... but i haven't worked out the details just yet on that... so first things first

~ make yourselves AWARE of the situation in Darfur ~

Our Former US Ambassador Tim Carney and his wife Victoria wrote this extremely informative, interesting and deeply moving book :

~ Sudan: The Land and The People ~

Dr. David Decker, a close family friend, went along as his translator while he collected material for the book. Dr. Decker is a professor at USC-Sumter in the African Studies Dept. ...and also happens to own a plethora of animals, have 2 children and a sweetheart of a wife, a great sense of humor and in all other ways is just a fabulous person... but i digress...

To read More on this book: php?storyId=4989673

+ Eternal Autumn™ +

Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on the Punkin Soap Quest... among other things...

So, i've been bizzy bizzy bizzy selling and trading and having a grande ole time all the way 'round and i thought i'd take a moment to let you all see what goodies i've acquired lately!

Yummy Punkin Soap from! Its got a nice exfoliating quality to it without being rough... i believe its all the yummy spices.. mmmm...

and this one is a surprise... but i'll share a sneak peek until i receive it and take pix of me modeling it ~


i'm going to have a whole Brand Spankin' New line of CAMEOS coming SOON!!! The following image is of 1 of the designs i'll be using... and trust me.. its just a tip of the iceberg ^.*

This particular cameo was purchased from ~ a LOVELY shop, where i'm sure i'll be getting all sorts of goodies from now on!

1st Coraline Locket!

Yup.. its inspired by the WONDERFUL Movie/Book Coraline ~ and even features a tiny photo of our favorite Heroine inside! EACH LOCKET will be completely One-of-a-kind!!! Snag one before they're gone forever. . . *.*

Monday, February 16, 2009

A tidbit of whats available at my BOGO 1/2 OFF Clearance Sale ......

more to come....

i thought i should update, albeit a ridiculously short update... but none the less, here i am!!!

custom orders are keeping me busy, along with new designs! and i've decided to set up a shop at asap. already set up an account.. hopefully i'll have items listed by weeks end! we'll see how it goes..... its free, so i nothing to lose but time ^.*

anyhow, i'm off to put nose to grindstone and get these custom orders finished!

ta-ta ♥

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crankin' 'em out like CRAAAAAZY

I've been working myself to DEATH for the last 2 weeks, making new jewelry!!!

Brand Spankin' New styles.. new colors.. new new NEW!!!

I'll be listing over the next week more than likely.

...yes... there really is THAT Much stuff ^.*

So, come check out my shop whenever you get a chance, there will be new listings up every day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A TON of NEW stuff

It took me 3 days to get 20 new items up at Etsy! this may have been hell for my head and hands but its good for you! ^.*

PLUS i'm still having my HUGE Winter Clearance Sale!!!

So... if you haven't checked it out yet... stop by my shop and stock up on gifts or find something lovely for yourself!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i am on a quest this morning... for more pumpkin soap.

as i've grown accustomed to bathing with it and i'm almost out i must get more!

No store-bought soap cake for me, ohhhh no... only handmade natural pumpkin soap for my pasty epidermis ^.*

So yeh... i'll certainly post whatever i do end up getting here with a review! would be REALLY great if i could find a soap maker willing to trade...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Featured at !!!

A Shop Review, as well as a $10 Gift Certificate Giveaway!!! Enter to win at:

and Follow her Blog for more Mom-related awesomeness and fabulous products and giveaways!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Entries are rollin' in now... i can't WAIT to see what everybody comes up with, so far its been a fabulous show of artistic talent ^.^

I still haven't decided what to give 2nd and 3rd place winners.. i've said discounts on purchase, but how much? and under what requirements? *hmmm* gotta make it good though... i have a feeling its gonna be a tough call deciding on a winner for this...

in other news ~

i'm making new jewelry as fast as my cold lil hands will go! and listing accordingly at Etsy! I came across a fabulous clearance at a boutique thats closing for good here in town so i cleaned them out! I'm tearing apart everything i purchased and re-making it into fabulous new jewelry!

Not only am i up-cycling, but i'm able to sell the jewelry i make for a bit cheaper than i might usually be able to b/c of the saved supply cost! so its just awesomeness all around in my opinion and i'm excited to get back to work this morning making even MORE lovelies ^.^

~ Here's a few peices already for sale at Etsy ~

i sold one necklace like this already! just listed yesterday!

To view listings and/or make a purchase:

and i finally got around to taking more pictures modeling jewelry (so many ppl like to see what something looks like when being worn as apposed to on display) and i think i got some good pix... if i do say so myself ^.*

Modeling my own pair of B l a c k. R o s e. Vintaj style earrings

Modeling D e s c e n t.

Modeling O b e l i s k.

So yes... on the note of cam-whoring, i'll leave you til next time ^.*

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just have to blog about this WONDERFUL soap i just received in the mail this morning!

Its from Chase Street Soap Co. ~ at Etsy, of course.

I'm a salty wench at heart and the wonderfully Vintage maritime images used on the labels caught my eye immediately.. next was the descriptions of each all-natural, animal-friendly item and the 're-cycling' program for the bottles... and so, i added her to my Favs.

Lo and behold, the next day i had a message from the lovely lady that runs the shop, offering me a free full-size soap of my choice for being the 275th person to add her shop as a favorite! I was THRILLED ~ of course and decided upon the Applejack Kick Liquid Soap to go in my kitchen. The scent was described as being "spiced" and I'll try just about anything once that has a touch of "spice" to it ^.*

So... it came in the mail this morning, complete with a return address label to send the bottle back to be re-filled for Half-Price (the afore-mentioned recycling program) and a cute personal note sealed with a skull-and-crossbones stamp on aged paper. How nifty is THAT?

If you've been looking for a great, all-natural soap with some personality ~ i suggest
Chase Street Soap Co.

With every confidence, i promise, you won't be disappointed ^.*

too much? pish tosh.

i'm so ridiculously busy these days... seriously. i try to explain everything i have to do in a day to some people and they just look at me, dumbfounded. i'm not complaining! don't get me wrong! i wouldn't trade my life for anyone's and i LOVE having so much to do. i never get bored anyway and i feel so productive and creative... its quite nice actually ^.*

Sophie is about to cut at least 3 new teeth.. possibly 4... hopefully not ALL at once but there may be no avoiding it. She woke up this morning at 6:30 talking about "tees" and "bikkuts" so i got up and made her biscuits and cheesy eggs after liberally applying the orajel and handing over the teething tablets (a teething baby's best friend, no doubt).

I'm running a contest! First one of its kind for me! I'm really excited to see how it goes! Below is the info copied from my MySpace blog (the contest is via MySpace) :

So i'm thinkin' it might be kinda neat to run a contest for FAN-ART to see what you all come up with!

So, i figured, why not offer something for FREE to get everyone interested?!

Not to mention, i'd love to get to know some of my fellow Artists/Creative People here on MySpace a little better!

So here's the Contest Specs:

You must choose ANY PHOTOS*** from my Photo Albums here at MySpace, or listings at Etsy and... well... make it (or them) your own!

~ OR ~ Take a Photo of YOURSELF wearing your + Eternal Autumn + original and fancy it up!

If you'd like to make a collage of photos, a banner, an advertisement, a photo manipulation, a group of icons, a pencil drawing of someone wearing one of my pieces or you'd just like to draw a mustache and horns on a photo of me... thats fine too!

Do as you like, Be Creative! Surprise me!

I will choose my favorite and award the Artist with a CUSTOM Necklace!

Custom meaning... one-of-a-kind and designed BY me FOR you.

If i don't know you very well, I may have a few questions to ask but otherwise, you can expect something custom fitted to your personality, with all the care and creativity you poured into the FAN-ART piece you've created for me!

Here's a few of the Custom Necklaces I've made for others in the past:

7-Pointed Star Sterling Silver Pendant provided by Jessa ~ necklace made with genuine Turquoise and Czech glass beads  ^.^Red Coral and Sterling Silver necklace for Rachael ^.^Custom alteration of the Neo Victorian Charm Necklace for ^.^

Custom Necklace for The Sunshine Patchworks ~ Lovely Chandra ^.*Custom Angel Wings Necklace with Calla Lily and Sparrow detail for EclecticDiana.Etsy.ComCustom Fleur De Lis Necklace with Amethyst Gemstone for Jessica!

Contest is OVER February 28th!


So... what are you waiting for??? Get crackin'!!!! Photoshop, edit, draw... whatever YOU do!!! GET TO IT!!!!!

+ Eternal Autumn™ +
www. eternalautumn. etsy. com

*** Exception ~ Photos of Pyretta Blaze modeling + Eternal Autumn™ + jewelry are excluded from this contest!

So ~ if anyone that happens across this blog is interested in entering, you don't have to have a MySpace to enter! Just send me your Artwork featuring + Eternal Autumn + products and i'll add it to the contest entries folder!

Have a lovely day, all and i'll update again soon ^.^

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Entry

... will be short and sweet b/c i must go start dinner!

I FINALLY creating a blog. Its been a ridiculously long time coming and lets just cross our fingers i can keep up with it >.<

off i go, soon to return!