Thursday, March 26, 2009


The much talked-about, much-discussed Contest will go along as follows:

I'm keeping it REALLY Simple and Fun, so EVERYONE can enter and EVERYONE CAN VOTE!!!

To Enter:

Write "I ♥ Eternal Autumn" SOMEWHERE on your person or on an object and take a picture!
In other words, create a "Fan Sign"! Show me some LOVE people!!!

This photo will be put in an album here on Myspace, and on the said below date, VOTING WILL START!!

Make it funny, make it gory, make it sexy, make it silly... You wanna do a Stupid Human Trick in the pic?! DO EEET!!! Whatever you think will get the MOST attention, DO EEET!!! BE CREATIVE!!!

The photo that receives the MOST Votes WINS an
EXCLUSIVE + Eternal Autumn™ + Surprise Gift Bag
with up to $50 in assorted Handmade Jewelry, Accessories, Bath & Body products
or any variety of other special goodies!
ALL ITEMS INCLUDED Will be from Sellers on ETSY, not ALL necessarily MADE BY ME!
So you'll be getting a FABulous assortment of fun and fanciful novelties to enjoy!

And Trust me.. You WILL Enjoy them!!!

I will cater this gift to fit the person that wins as best i can! ^.


Taking Entries Starting NOW until April 6th!


- VOTING WILL CLOSE April 14th -
Contest Winner will be determined, posted and contacted on April 15th!


Once Voting has begun, you're welcome to Vote on as many photos as you like, but only once per photo.

Keep it CLEAN.. if only for MySpace's sake.. i don't want the submissions being deleted or my ACCOUNT being deleted b/c of a nipple.. so cover it up, luvs ^.

~ Last, But Not Least ~
Absolutely Positively NO Nasty Comments on ANY of the photos submitted.

I haven't had a problem with this but i want to make it clear i will NOT take any "meanness" from ANYONE. You will be deleted from my friends list IMMEDIATELY if you make a public derogatory comment about ANY of the Contest Entries.

I want this to be FUN, People!! So.. the MORE the Merrier! ^.

A Few Past Winner of + Eternal Autumn™ + Contest Prizes are shown below:

Damsel in Decease ~ WINNER of the Graphics Contest ~ in her Custom Necklace Prize!!!
~ Damsel in Decease, Sheila D.
Tillery ~
Winner of the Graphics Contest in her FREE *CUSTOM* NECKLACE!

retired necklace design
~ Mekare ~
Winner of a Deadly Creations Theme Contest in her FREE NECKLACE!

shes done it again!!!! with GREEN power ^.*
~ Rachael Sin ~
Winner of a Deadly Creations Theme Contest in her FREE NECKLACE!

So... Add yourself to this growing list of WINNERS!!! ENTER TODAY!!!!!

+ Eternal Autumn™ + for DeStash Supplies!

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