Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lara gets a Tattoo. . .

so... my friend Samantha gave me a tattoo night before last.

Nothing big or shocking, just a cute little peace sign on the knuckle of my left thumb. its my first so i wanted to see if i could handle it, something small, ya know?

i'm thinking i may have some fall leaves added... maybe in a swirling pattern up and around my wrist or something pretty like that.......

It didn't hurt too bad, i used to carve a peace sign into the same spot with a safety pin back in high school (i know i know, stupid me!) so i couldn't really complain. i always said i wanted to get a peace sign tattooed there, now i finally have!

however, i did run to the bathroom and puke as soon as she was finished. LoLz don't ask me why, i couldn't tell you!

Its still a little red, its fresh after all ^.* but here tis ~

oh! and i ordered tiny little antiqued pewter Om charms today to accent the Ganesha cameos!! these necklaces are going to be so awesome.. i hope they sell well! i'll have 6 of 'em!! ^.^