Thursday, February 26, 2009


So... i haven't described my packaging or explained the reasoning behind it in quite some time so i figured i would go ahead and do that now ~ just cuz ^.*

Each item of jewelry ordered is secured inside a small plastic baggie, resealable of course ~ and depending on the necessity, i'll use a folded business card to display necklaces and earrings.

Then, your new lovely is placed carefully in a coordinating organza pouch ~ i have two pouch sizes available depending on the size of your order and a variety of Autumn-inspired colors to choose from. The staple, of course, is black... but i also have burgundy, copper brown, willow green, pale gold and dark purple. Depending on the colors used in your jewelry, i select a pouch that best suits the order ^.^

I include a free sample of Pumpkin Pie sachet beads from to use with your organza pouch after you've removed your new jewelry... this way the pouch has a use and you have a lovely scented sachet to use in your car, home or office!

Included with your order, also, is one of a variety of useful promotional items, such as a pin-back button, magnet or wallet calendar ~ all with my etsy address and a fall theme! Depending on the size of the order, i may include more than 1 of these items as free gifts!

Of course, each order also includes a small "Thank You" note card ~ handmade by me ~ with a personal message inside!

~ ~ ~

Now, for the Aromatherapy Flaxseed Pillows that i make, the packaging is very similar...

Each pillow is wrapped in a thin satin ribbon, secured with a bow and tagged with an information/instruction card for the pillow itself. I also tuck a business card in there ^.* The pillow is then placed inside a resealable cello bag and slipped inside a large organza pouch. These can be used to store your pillow in, to keep it from getting dirty between uses.

But of course, each pillow is made with a removable slipcover so in the even that it DOES get dirty, you can remove this cover and wash it ^.*

Aromatherapy Pillows do not include the Pumpkin Pie sachets ~ as they are scented with natural herbs and it would be overkill to include another scent with the package. Promo Items are still included with each order though!

~ ~ ~

All orders are sent using Priority Mail flat rate boxes, unless listing states otherwise or the customer has requested First Class mailing.

+ Why Priority Mail? +

1. I save shipping costs by using the free boxes provided by USPS ~ so i can put more effort into the inner packaging! Not to mention the boxes are much more protective of the items inside than a padded envelope!

2. Items almost always arrive within 2 days of shipment.. sometimes next day!

3. Flat rate means you can put more in a box without fear of upping the cost of shipping ~ this encourages customers to purchase more than 1 item at a time!

So... thats how we do things here at + Eternal Autumn™ + !

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

to Ganesh... or not to Ganesh...

ok so i'm kinda fond of Hindu and Buddhist-inspired stuff.... especially symbolism and jewelry...

so, what does this have to do with anything?

well, i found these really REALLY cute Ganesha cameos. and they're calling to me.

and i thought that a necklace made with one, with a small Om charm to accent the cameo would be awesomeness..

but of course, making something like this would be somewhat risky as to whether or not it would sell and i can't really afford to waste any moolah these days...

so help me decide.. please?!! should i go for it? do you think there would be enough people on etsy that would be interested in such an item to make it worth my while to buy the supplies to make at least 2???

any feedback will be most appreciated ^.^

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Expect to See More on This Soon ~ ~ ~

Click Photo for More Info

A few years back I attended a reception to honor the publishing of a book at the University of South Carolina. I was recently reminded of this and decided I'd like to become more involved... beginning with posting this blog, and a corresponding bulletin @ to raise awareness. I'm considering putting together some sort of fund raiser as well... but i haven't worked out the details just yet on that... so first things first

~ make yourselves AWARE of the situation in Darfur ~

Our Former US Ambassador Tim Carney and his wife Victoria wrote this extremely informative, interesting and deeply moving book :

~ Sudan: The Land and The People ~

Dr. David Decker, a close family friend, went along as his translator while he collected material for the book. Dr. Decker is a professor at USC-Sumter in the African Studies Dept. ...and also happens to own a plethora of animals, have 2 children and a sweetheart of a wife, a great sense of humor and in all other ways is just a fabulous person... but i digress...

To read More on this book: php?storyId=4989673

+ Eternal Autumn™ +

Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on the Punkin Soap Quest... among other things...

So, i've been bizzy bizzy bizzy selling and trading and having a grande ole time all the way 'round and i thought i'd take a moment to let you all see what goodies i've acquired lately!

Yummy Punkin Soap from! Its got a nice exfoliating quality to it without being rough... i believe its all the yummy spices.. mmmm...

and this one is a surprise... but i'll share a sneak peek until i receive it and take pix of me modeling it ~


i'm going to have a whole Brand Spankin' New line of CAMEOS coming SOON!!! The following image is of 1 of the designs i'll be using... and trust me.. its just a tip of the iceberg ^.*

This particular cameo was purchased from ~ a LOVELY shop, where i'm sure i'll be getting all sorts of goodies from now on!

1st Coraline Locket!

Yup.. its inspired by the WONDERFUL Movie/Book Coraline ~ and even features a tiny photo of our favorite Heroine inside! EACH LOCKET will be completely One-of-a-kind!!! Snag one before they're gone forever. . . *.*

Monday, February 16, 2009

A tidbit of whats available at my BOGO 1/2 OFF Clearance Sale ......

more to come....

i thought i should update, albeit a ridiculously short update... but none the less, here i am!!!

custom orders are keeping me busy, along with new designs! and i've decided to set up a shop at asap. already set up an account.. hopefully i'll have items listed by weeks end! we'll see how it goes..... its free, so i nothing to lose but time ^.*

anyhow, i'm off to put nose to grindstone and get these custom orders finished!

ta-ta ♥

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crankin' 'em out like CRAAAAAZY

I've been working myself to DEATH for the last 2 weeks, making new jewelry!!!

Brand Spankin' New styles.. new colors.. new new NEW!!!

I'll be listing over the next week more than likely.

...yes... there really is THAT Much stuff ^.*

So, come check out my shop whenever you get a chance, there will be new listings up every day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A TON of NEW stuff

It took me 3 days to get 20 new items up at Etsy! this may have been hell for my head and hands but its good for you! ^.*

PLUS i'm still having my HUGE Winter Clearance Sale!!!

So... if you haven't checked it out yet... stop by my shop and stock up on gifts or find something lovely for yourself!