Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've said it before... but i'll say it again...

Where do i get MY Favorite Pumpkin Soap? ? ?
from Michele's Essentials at Etsy!!!

That's right... she's my one stop shop for Soap, Facial products and even Laundry Soap!!!

Micheles Essentials
(click here to view her shop at Etsy)

Check out her shop! I promise you'll find something you like and you won't be disappointed!!! Everything is All natural and made of the highest quality ingredients!!! PERFECT for sensitive skin, young skin, aging skin... dry skin.. oily skin... seriously... she's got something for EVERYBODY!

and ya GOTTA try the Pucker Protectors.. they're all scrumptious ^.^

+ Eternal Autumn™ +

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the busy-ness of me

i was quite literally not prepared for the ONSLAUGHT of the contest and aftermath of orders flooding in!!!

i do apologize that i haven't updated! not even about the contest winners or ANYTHING >.<

i AM fail at the blog.

but i AM keeping up with everything else so i figure if the blog is neglected its worth it!

16 custom orders and counting just in the last week! *WoOt*

so... i'm sure things will slow down again, as they always do, and i will update on a more regular basis!