Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on the Punkin Soap Quest... among other things...

So, i've been bizzy bizzy bizzy selling and trading and having a grande ole time all the way 'round and i thought i'd take a moment to let you all see what goodies i've acquired lately!

Yummy Punkin Soap from! Its got a nice exfoliating quality to it without being rough... i believe its all the yummy spices.. mmmm...

and this one is a surprise... but i'll share a sneak peek until i receive it and take pix of me modeling it ~


i'm going to have a whole Brand Spankin' New line of CAMEOS coming SOON!!! The following image is of 1 of the designs i'll be using... and trust me.. its just a tip of the iceberg ^.*

This particular cameo was purchased from ~ a LOVELY shop, where i'm sure i'll be getting all sorts of goodies from now on!

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