Thursday, February 26, 2009


So... i haven't described my packaging or explained the reasoning behind it in quite some time so i figured i would go ahead and do that now ~ just cuz ^.*

Each item of jewelry ordered is secured inside a small plastic baggie, resealable of course ~ and depending on the necessity, i'll use a folded business card to display necklaces and earrings.

Then, your new lovely is placed carefully in a coordinating organza pouch ~ i have two pouch sizes available depending on the size of your order and a variety of Autumn-inspired colors to choose from. The staple, of course, is black... but i also have burgundy, copper brown, willow green, pale gold and dark purple. Depending on the colors used in your jewelry, i select a pouch that best suits the order ^.^

I include a free sample of Pumpkin Pie sachet beads from to use with your organza pouch after you've removed your new jewelry... this way the pouch has a use and you have a lovely scented sachet to use in your car, home or office!

Included with your order, also, is one of a variety of useful promotional items, such as a pin-back button, magnet or wallet calendar ~ all with my etsy address and a fall theme! Depending on the size of the order, i may include more than 1 of these items as free gifts!

Of course, each order also includes a small "Thank You" note card ~ handmade by me ~ with a personal message inside!

~ ~ ~

Now, for the Aromatherapy Flaxseed Pillows that i make, the packaging is very similar...

Each pillow is wrapped in a thin satin ribbon, secured with a bow and tagged with an information/instruction card for the pillow itself. I also tuck a business card in there ^.* The pillow is then placed inside a resealable cello bag and slipped inside a large organza pouch. These can be used to store your pillow in, to keep it from getting dirty between uses.

But of course, each pillow is made with a removable slipcover so in the even that it DOES get dirty, you can remove this cover and wash it ^.*

Aromatherapy Pillows do not include the Pumpkin Pie sachets ~ as they are scented with natural herbs and it would be overkill to include another scent with the package. Promo Items are still included with each order though!

~ ~ ~

All orders are sent using Priority Mail flat rate boxes, unless listing states otherwise or the customer has requested First Class mailing.

+ Why Priority Mail? +

1. I save shipping costs by using the free boxes provided by USPS ~ so i can put more effort into the inner packaging! Not to mention the boxes are much more protective of the items inside than a padded envelope!

2. Items almost always arrive within 2 days of shipment.. sometimes next day!

3. Flat rate means you can put more in a box without fear of upping the cost of shipping ~ this encourages customers to purchase more than 1 item at a time!

So... thats how we do things here at + Eternal Autumn™ + !


  1. I love your packaging. It's like opening present after present. Always a pleasant surprise. :)