Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Beautiful Capelet

I received the loveliest, coziest, comfiest capelet... it was waiting for me when we returned from Asheville, Tuesday.

I traded for this beautiful piece with

Isn't it lovely?! I'm thrilled!!!

I'm going to attach a button myself (hence the button loop with no button at the neckline) i asked her to leave it off b/c i have a specific button in mind for it... so i'll post new pix when i get that done!

in the meantime, you simply MUST check out her Etsy shop! she's fairly new, doesn't have many sales... but she's a true professional and VERY talented!!

oh! and she included the yummiest teas in my package too! a free gift with a trade ~ could it get any better?!?! ^.^


  1. Oh, that's beautiful! I'll have to check out her etsy...

  2. isn't it?!?!! she makes some beeeeautiful pieces ^.^