Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Entries are rollin' in now... i can't WAIT to see what everybody comes up with, so far its been a fabulous show of artistic talent ^.^

I still haven't decided what to give 2nd and 3rd place winners.. i've said discounts on purchase, but how much? and under what requirements? *hmmm* gotta make it good though... i have a feeling its gonna be a tough call deciding on a winner for this...

in other news ~

i'm making new jewelry as fast as my cold lil hands will go! and listing accordingly at Etsy! I came across a fabulous clearance at a boutique thats closing for good here in town so i cleaned them out! I'm tearing apart everything i purchased and re-making it into fabulous new jewelry!

Not only am i up-cycling, but i'm able to sell the jewelry i make for a bit cheaper than i might usually be able to b/c of the saved supply cost! so its just awesomeness all around in my opinion and i'm excited to get back to work this morning making even MORE lovelies ^.^

~ Here's a few peices already for sale at Etsy ~

i sold one necklace like this already! just listed yesterday!

To view listings and/or make a purchase:


and i finally got around to taking more pictures modeling jewelry (so many ppl like to see what something looks like when being worn as apposed to on display) and i think i got some good pix... if i do say so myself ^.*

Modeling my own pair of B l a c k. R o s e. Vintaj style earrings

Modeling D e s c e n t.

Modeling O b e l i s k.

So yes... on the note of cam-whoring, i'll leave you til next time ^.*

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