Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just have to blog about this WONDERFUL soap i just received in the mail this morning!

Its from Chase Street Soap Co. ~ at Etsy, of course.

I'm a salty wench at heart and the wonderfully Vintage maritime images used on the labels caught my eye immediately.. next was the descriptions of each all-natural, animal-friendly item and the 're-cycling' program for the bottles... and so, i added her to my Favs.

Lo and behold, the next day i had a message from the lovely lady that runs the shop, offering me a free full-size soap of my choice for being the 275th person to add her shop as a favorite! I was THRILLED ~ of course and decided upon the Applejack Kick Liquid Soap to go in my kitchen. The scent was described as being "spiced" and I'll try just about anything once that has a touch of "spice" to it ^.*

So... it came in the mail this morning, complete with a return address label to send the bottle back to be re-filled for Half-Price (the afore-mentioned recycling program) and a cute personal note sealed with a skull-and-crossbones stamp on aged paper. How nifty is THAT?

If you've been looking for a great, all-natural soap with some personality ~ i suggest
Chase Street Soap Co.

With every confidence, i promise, you won't be disappointed ^.*

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