Wednesday, January 14, 2009

too much? pish tosh.

i'm so ridiculously busy these days... seriously. i try to explain everything i have to do in a day to some people and they just look at me, dumbfounded. i'm not complaining! don't get me wrong! i wouldn't trade my life for anyone's and i LOVE having so much to do. i never get bored anyway and i feel so productive and creative... its quite nice actually ^.*

Sophie is about to cut at least 3 new teeth.. possibly 4... hopefully not ALL at once but there may be no avoiding it. She woke up this morning at 6:30 talking about "tees" and "bikkuts" so i got up and made her biscuits and cheesy eggs after liberally applying the orajel and handing over the teething tablets (a teething baby's best friend, no doubt).

I'm running a contest! First one of its kind for me! I'm really excited to see how it goes! Below is the info copied from my MySpace blog (the contest is via MySpace) :

So i'm thinkin' it might be kinda neat to run a contest for FAN-ART to see what you all come up with!

So, i figured, why not offer something for FREE to get everyone interested?!

Not to mention, i'd love to get to know some of my fellow Artists/Creative People here on MySpace a little better!

So here's the Contest Specs:

You must choose ANY PHOTOS*** from my Photo Albums here at MySpace, or listings at Etsy and... well... make it (or them) your own!

~ OR ~ Take a Photo of YOURSELF wearing your + Eternal Autumn + original and fancy it up!

If you'd like to make a collage of photos, a banner, an advertisement, a photo manipulation, a group of icons, a pencil drawing of someone wearing one of my pieces or you'd just like to draw a mustache and horns on a photo of me... thats fine too!

Do as you like, Be Creative! Surprise me!

I will choose my favorite and award the Artist with a CUSTOM Necklace!

Custom meaning... one-of-a-kind and designed BY me FOR you.

If i don't know you very well, I may have a few questions to ask but otherwise, you can expect something custom fitted to your personality, with all the care and creativity you poured into the FAN-ART piece you've created for me!

Here's a few of the Custom Necklaces I've made for others in the past:

7-Pointed Star Sterling Silver Pendant provided by Jessa ~ necklace made with genuine Turquoise and Czech glass beads  ^.^Red Coral and Sterling Silver necklace for Rachael ^.^Custom alteration of the Neo Victorian Charm Necklace for ^.^

Custom Necklace for The Sunshine Patchworks ~ Lovely Chandra ^.*Custom Angel Wings Necklace with Calla Lily and Sparrow detail for EclecticDiana.Etsy.ComCustom Fleur De Lis Necklace with Amethyst Gemstone for Jessica!

Contest is OVER February 28th!


So... what are you waiting for??? Get crackin'!!!! Photoshop, edit, draw... whatever YOU do!!! GET TO IT!!!!!

+ Eternal Autumn™ +
www. eternalautumn. etsy. com

*** Exception ~ Photos of Pyretta Blaze modeling + Eternal Autumn™ + jewelry are excluded from this contest!

So ~ if anyone that happens across this blog is interested in entering, you don't have to have a MySpace to enter! Just send me your Artwork featuring + Eternal Autumn + products and i'll add it to the contest entries folder!

Have a lovely day, all and i'll update again soon ^.^

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